Winter Wedding Ideas

The sun may be shining through the window, with the house feeling warm and cozy. I can assure you though; outside is probably not as welcoming. The white landscape is endless, the air cold and the roads flooded with slush. Not all of us find the beauty in this time of year, but I definitely do! Considering winter is one of the less common seasons worldwide, this is the perfect time to bask in the benefits it brings.

Although you may be wondering why, planning a wedding in the winter could be your best life decision thus far. Lets start with the most convincing factor – it’s more affordable! As January and February is the slowest time of the month for most venues, caterers and event staffing agencies, quotes are significantly cheaper. If saving money isn’t convincing enough, than check out these top 3 winter wedding ideas that will surely have your guests Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal Winter Weddingsswooning.

1. The Attire 

Typically held in the warmer months, the attire for both the bride, and bridesmaids is
light, colourful and breezy. Obviously the bride won’t be as colourful, but you will bet her wedding will be! Hosting an event in the winter is a time to consider the weather and be creative with it. Faux fur will add a spectacular touch to an outfit and keep your wedding party warm. Layering up on tights underneath the dress will also be a great measure to take to keep you nice and warm. Now that heat isn’t a determining factor, you will have more choices as well. Add a Russian hat, hand-knit scarf or cashmere trench coat. All are beautiful and unique options that are only doable in the winter months and create a truly unique photographic experience.

2. The Decor
Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal Winter WeddingsWhether you choose warm or cool tones, make sure you stick with it. With less sunlight in the winter, you can plan your lighting accordingly. The benefit here is the option of keeping your wedding festive. Spread white Christmas lights along windowsills, or hang
them against a backdrop that surrounds your walls. Add candle lanterns in other dim areas to keep the theme strong, and the ambience calm. Winter nuts, pinecones and evergreens are a few of the festive decorations that will be easy table pleasers. Log slices, fir foliage, cinnamon sticks and winter berries are also other decorations that you can combine, separate or use to compliment each other in any stage of the decorating process. Ornaments as escort cards, edible glitter to top the cake and homemade candles as centrepieces are only a few of the creative ways you can express your winter wedding just right.

3. The Offerings

Lip balm, wine glasses, sunglasses, coasters – you name it – this is where the guests take home a gift of appreciation for attending such a special day. Flavoured hot chocolate, winter gloves, and hand warmers are all cute favours to offer your guests. Not only will it be used, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal Winter Weddings but appreciated too! Don’t be afraid to spread wedding offering across different times of the night to keep the winter theme going. Offer a basket of blankets for the outside portion of the wedding, and maybe offer some heating pads on the way in! Offering fresh cocoa, coffee or mulled wine is also another festive way of providing a unique, and sensible feel for your guests.

As mentioned earlier, cheaper rates mean room for more choices! Your wedding bartender and professional photographer will also have discounted rates. Have fun with your photo shoot as it isn’t too often the backdrop consists of a blanket of snow, trees sparkling with ice and loose snow cascading off every branch that moves. Snuggle up under a blanket together, pose with a snowball or just simply relish in the scenery of the season. Creating a lifetime of keepsake pictures will never be easier than this time of year.

Also take advantage of cheaper rates by ensuring your venue is prepared by using the extra money to hire a bartender, rent a portable or mobile bar, offer supreme bar service and maximize your event staffing needs. Adding these small services to your winter wedding will not only give your guests a personalized feel, but you will be prepared to serve hot drinks, alcoholic beverages and refreshments with ease. Cozy and comfortable, this is the only season it would be acceptable to hang the jingle bells and ring the wedding bells all at the same time.





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