Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Support Staff for your Next Party

Hosting a party is a big job – especially when the guest list is extensive. Some common ways to avoid the bustle is to have a do-it-yourself theme. A buffet-style dinner, pre-made cocktails ready to serve, coolers stacked with beverages and anything else you plan on incorporating that is self-serve, is a good first step. Now that the warm weather is finally seeping in, you bet there will be many outdoor parties too!

Regardless if it is an indoor or outdoor event, you need to hire an extra hand to smooth out any wrinkles as the night commences. Hiring a server, bartender, or butler are some common options. But have you ever thought of alternating for a support staff member? With the ability to fulfill any job description, our support staff is the kind you want to hire for all the in between. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should hire a support staff when hosting a party.

  1. Adaptable Workers  hire a support staff when hosting a party

The number one reason to hire a support staff member when planning a party is their adaptability! Able to work any type of event, the support staff can serve, set up, clean up, and even help you do the dishes. This job goes past being a bar staff, and creates a whole new world of service. This type of event staff is a benefit when in need of a helping hand for a variety of hosting needs.

  1. Provide Better Service

This one may seem like a given, but yes, you will give your guests better service. Whether at home or in a venue, every event host wants to ensure a smooth and stress-free party. The best part – support staff are more oriented to giving better service due to the personalized nature of fitting such a roll. Your guests will feel comfortable, looked after and most importantly – happy.

  1. Offers Extra Support

You need someone, other than your good pal, to offer you extra support. I am sure your good friend means the best, but it’s always better to play it safe. Not only is a support staff more professional, they are more helpful too! With experience in helping in both small and large capacity events, the support staff can give you the type of undivided attention and experience you require.

  1. Impress Guests

Lastly, hiring a temporary event staff will make your event that more classy. This upscale vibe will impress guests and get them wondering where they can find event staff services too! Whether it’s is private, corporate or a promotional gig, you wont regret choosing to hire a support staff to assist you with all your needs. If you often host events, you can even request the same support staff member and get consistency for every party you throw.

Click here to get more advice on what to avoid when hosting a party, including leaving out a support staff! At Bartendo, you can even request our staff to dress up, stay late or even help you prepare and decorate. This stress reliever will make all the difference for you, your guests and your sanity! Contact us for all event staff services including event servers, promotional staff and much more.

hire a support staff when hosting a party

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