Tips For Hosting An Event On A Budget

Having a get together at your place with friends for a special occasion doesn’t always have to hurt the bank. It’s quite simple throwing a memorable party without having extravagant and expensive items at your event. Below are six easy steps to follow when planning your upcoming event on a budget.

  1. Make a Budget: The first and most important step is to determine your budget. Before sending out invites, calculate and add up each expense. This will give you a better idea of how much each aspect of the party (food, drinks, decor, etc.) will cost you, and will help determine if you might be spending too much in one area. You may be forced to cut down the guest list or attempt to save on costs elsewhere. Be sure not to go over budget!
  2. Simple Invitations: Instead of going all out with paper invitations, send out your invitations via email or use online invitation generating tools. It’s fast and simple, and most importantly it will save you big bucks! Also, if you happen to have all of your guests on Facebook, creating an event page acts as an invitation. This way, guests can easily RSVP, giving you a better idea of the number of attendees.
  3. Make the party a Potluck: On the invitation, indicate that the party is a potluck. Ask each guest to bring their favorite appetizer or a dish they create at home. Once the appetizers are taken care of, you can provide the main dish yourself. This can be something inexpensive such as pizza or homemade burgers.
  4. Budget Decor: Look for objects around your house to help decorate your party. You will be surprised at how much you can save by using simple decor you already own! Also, you can use DIY decor that is simple to create. For example, instead of getting a banner printed for a birthday party, buy inexpensive materials and create it on your own. Likewise, head over to your local Dollar Store and pick up streamers to add the finishing touches. They are low-cost, and add a lot of value and for their price. Keep the decor simple, it gives your party a classier look and helps you save on costs. You might also want to ask a few friends to show up early to help you decorate!
  5. Provide a signature drink: Instead of providing all the alcohol, you might want to stick to one or two signature drinks. By doing so, you won’t be forced to stock up on an abundant amount of all the different types of alcohol. State the drink in the invitation. If guests prefer something else, they can bring their own liquor. You can have one of your friends or family designated to serve to control the amount of alcohol being served and to avoid wastage. Also, you might want to hire a bartender from a reputable event staffing company for the night. Make sure you do your research and hire an event staffing company that offers competitive pricing and amazing service for your guests. This will make the event more enjoyable for everyone, as they won’t be forced to pour their own drinks. Oh and also BYOB!
  6. Create a playlist for music: Your event doesn’t need a private DJ. They can charge you a hefty amount for the evening which can be easily avoidable. In either form of the electronic invitation, ask your guests to name a few songs they would like being played during the course of the night. Using these songs, create a playlist and let it run all night long. You save on the costs of a DJ, yet everyone gets to enjoy their favorite music.

And there you have it folks! We’ve come up with simple solutions to have an awesome party, all while on a strict budget. Contact Bartendo for value pricing on all of your event staffing and bar service needs in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal!


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