The Customer Perspective

Moving quickly around the restaurant, your arms are full of plates and your head full of orders. Scrambling around to get everything done in time, you forget the water table 5 asked you for twice now. On your way back, the gentlemen reminds you with a scowl and you walk away rolling your eyes thinking, what a nuisance! Is it a nuisance though? I understand you’re frustrated at the fact that you’re stressed and it’s busy, but let’s be realistic – you are at work and your customer is not.

Event Staff Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal TipsIt is only natural to react when reacted to and even more natural to get frustrated with demanding customers. Does it justify this reaction though? Absolutely not! For one, they probably haven’t worked in the industry so really have no clue of the complicities of it and two; they are still your customers. If they are being disrespectful it’s one thing, but asking you for their water for the third time because they need something to wash down their food is not an acceptable excuse. Servers, bartenders and event staff – it’s time to learn the customer perspective.

No one is perfect, including you. There are days you get frustrated, and there will be moments clients are too. Learn to take control of all situations by being as polite as possible and accustom yourself to a routine that can be a general guideline for each table. Every restaurant and banquet hall will have different serving codes to follow, but don’t be afraid to add your own in the mix! For example, anytime throughout the night I am waiting for a drink to be made, or an order to come out, I make it a routine to take a quick walkthrough by all my tables. This gives me an opportunity to clear a plate, offer a drink or even just show presence. This is a quick task that demonstrates my dedication to their guest experience.

Another point to bring up is to never take things personally. Just like anyone else in Event Staff Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal Tipsyour regular life, you never know what kind of day they’re having. Some customers might just be having a bad day, and it is your job to not let them get to you. If anything, use it as an opportunity to cheer them up! Every guest loves a fun and humorous server – regardless of their mood. It is this mindset that will set you apart from others in the industry.

Whether you are in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Montreal, these work habits are universal. The more convenient the experience, the happier your guests will be. You will receive a much more positive outcome just by considering your guests perspective. At Bartendo, we keep convenience in mind every step of the way. You can rent a bartender, use our bar service and servers or take advantage of our custom mobile bar rentals. We take event staffing seriously –thus why the customer perspective will always be a priority in our books.

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