Are you looking for a portable bar? Bartendo offers bar services for your events. Instead of spending money on purchasing a bar for one event, contact us to learn more about our portable bars.

Bartendo has an array of styles and sizes of bars to fit any sized space. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, we have a mobile bar that will suit your needs. Also, there is no sized event that we can’t accommodate. Whether it’s a small family reunion, a 5000 person corporate event or practically any sized wedding, our bars and services are able to accommodate to your needs. We can also add a custom decal on your bar to appease your guests. Whether it’s your company’s logo or the names of a couple getting married, we can easily add it to the front of your bar.

By getting one of our portable bars, you also have the option of having it fully stocked with the drinks of your choice; wine, beer, soda, ice, napkins and much more. Further, instead of you having to jump through hoops in order to obtain a liquor license, we are able to do it for you easily, as we have done for many different clients and events.

Especially if your function is a one time event, the right choice would be to use our mobile bars. We do all the set up and takedown of the bars so you don’t have to. So when your event is over, allow us to do all the hard work.

By contacting us, you will be in touch with someone who loves bartending and events. We are a group of passionate people who enjoy our work love satisfying our clients.

Bartendo promises to do everything we can to make your event a positive and memorable experience for yourself and your guests. We can make it easy to have a successful event by the simplicity of our portable bars. We can take a lot off your hands by even staffing your event, as well as stocking your mobile bar full of drinks, and we can even get you a liquor license if you wish. If you are looking for a portable bar for your event, please contact us. Bartendo serves Toronto, Mississauga and the surrounding areas, as well as Ottawa and the surrounding regions. Contact us today for all your portable bar needs.

Unlimited Bar Configurations

We realize no event or venue is the same

With our multiple configurations and styles we can accommodate any space. We have Straight, L shaped, and U Shaped bar setups in various sizes. We offer a high quality solution for events of any size, plus access through narrow doorways and upstairs isn’t an issue.

Customize your bar and turn your dream party into a reality. Bartendo takes your event to the next level to provide that unforgettable experience.

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