How To Beat the Winter Blues

With the winter blues attacking us at every corner, we must do all that we can to beat it off.   Some of us prefer to slap on our reading socks, snuggle up to a pillow and hibernate in front of the fireplace. Others prefer to pull on their highest heel boots, drape their shoulders with the heaviest trench coat and wrap their necks with the warmest scarf for a night out in town. However you’re feeling, just know there is always a way to battle the blues.

For those in the food industry, winter means late night shifts are even harder than usual. With temperatures well below 0, the evening is the time of day most people will be hiding inside. Since we all don’t have the luxury of staying in, there is only one thing left to do – beat the winter blues before they beat you.

Servers, Bartenders and Event Staff Winter Blues 1. Keep Warm 

It is scientifically proven that the cold makes people more prone to depression. This is why you must keep warm at all costs. For those commuting long hours on the bus or train, it is especially important to take all measures possible to ensure optimal warmness. Forget shoe fashion for a few months, and buy yourself a real winter boot that will not just keep you warm, but keep your feet dry too.

Stock your closet with waterproof gloves, well-knit scarves, warm hats and fluffy socks. For your legs, layer up! Either put a pair of long johns under your jeans, or slap on a pair of sweatpants over top of your outfit. Personally, I like the sweatpants option. It is quick to take off when at your destination and easy to store in your bag until your ready to commute home. Arm and leg warmers are also an easy addition that makes all the difference on those windy, cold days. Remember, you must keep warm – inside and out!

Make a stop at the grocery store and buy yourself your most preferred hot beverage. Whether it’s coffee, tea or hot chocolate, buy enough that you can keep on hand for those chilly days and nights. After a long day or night at work, this will be the perfect drink to indulge in that will only bring you warm pleasures. You can also prepare yourself a mug to go every morning to help keep the blood flowing. Keeping warm inside means staying positive! If you have to, take the time to read a positive quote or affirmation every morning. This 30-second task will be just what you need to set the mood for the rest of your day.


2. Distract Yourself Servers, Bartenders and Event Staff Winter Blues

Keep your mind healthy and warm by getting out there and fulfilling your relationships. As mentioned earlier, whether your staying in or going out, make sure you are doing something you genuinely love. If you want some alone time, pick up your most loved book and give it a read. If you’re not into reading, put on your favourite movie and watch it while you snuggle up under your coziest blanket. Light a candle and create an ambience that will keep you calm and collected.

For servers and bartender, it is even more of a challenge to see loved ones as you are most likely working weekends – a time when others are usually off work. Don’t let this be a discouragement as time management will be your best friend. Try making plans during the week. Even if it is for a quick coffee or snack, 1 hour with your best friend will make you feel better than if you didn’t see them at all. Also don’t be afraid to book a night off! Talk to your boss and pick a day you can plan a get together with your friends. Even if it is only one day out of the long winter period, you will surely be looking forward to it and your mind will be distracted until the date occurs.

Lastly, hang out with your coworkers – they will be experiencing the winter blues too! If anyone can relate, it is the people that work in your industry and feel the suffering just as equally. Take initiative and make a point to plan a staff social! Since everyone’s friends are either in bed or already out for the night, you can lean on each other for the late night company and benefit by distracting your mind.


Servers, Bartenders and Event Staff Winter Blues3. Eat Healthy and Exercise

This seems absurd, since it is the coldest time of the year. All people want to do is lock themselves up in their warm homes and shut out the cold until they have to endure it. This is wrong – get yourself out there! Even if it is just a 10-minute walk, make an effort to layer up and get your muscles moving – regardless of the weather. As many people enter the chilly air wearing their office outfit, it may be hard to overcome the barriers. Since you are only going for a walk for yourself, scratch the fashion statements and pull out those snow pants. Once you are wearing the proper attire and get yourself out the front door, you will realize it is not as painful as you think!

Other than walking, buy a membership at a gym or start an at-home exercise schedule. You don’t need to overdo it. Even just 15 minutes a day will peak your endorphins and keep you naturally happier. Try a yoga sequence, or search some quick workout videos on YouTube. Not only is it free, but also you can pick or combine any routines you want! From beginner to intermediate, the Internet has endless customizable options. Even setting aside 3 times a week of 20 minutes a day will do your brain wonders. If you don’t have enough space, improvise! Do 20 sets of the stairs in 3 intervals, or use a chair in your house to do dips to get your arm muscles moving. Again, the Internet has a ton of effective and creative ways to get your exercise in while at home.

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean dieting. It means eating the right foods in the right portions. If you work at a restaurant, it is tempting to eat there every night especially if you get a killer discount. No matter what dish you order, it is always healthier to eat in than to dine-out! Try bringing a homemade lunch on your next shift. Sandwiches, soups and dinner left overs are easy options that you can store in the fridge and prepare quickly on your break. Make a point to eat a cup of fruit in the morning, limit your carbs and hydrate frequently! Water is always better than juice. This easy substitute will make all the difference for your weight, skin and overall health.

For all event-staffing agencies, keep these facts in mind when you hire a bartender or server. This is statistically the hardest month for workers – including you! Spread the warmth by spreading the message to keep your staff healthy and strong. At Bartendo, we have a large roster of bartenders and servers. We let them choose when they want to work, so they can perform at the highest standard whenever they come in! Contact us today if you have any questions or want to use one of our services to keep you in the warmth by bringing the party to you!

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