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We understand that when going out for a night of partying it is literally impossible to limit yourself to 1-2 drinks. We also know that having a throbbing headache the next morning isn’t fun either. A wise man once said that drinking tonight is like borrowing fun from tomorrow. Luckily there is some science that can help us prevent the dreaded symptoms of the morning hangover. As a Toronto event staffing company we have seen it all and can assure you that those who use these tips are always in the clear. So instead of googling “hangover cures” the next day, we suggest you follow this guide to save yourself from being in that situation.

Bartendo Event Staffing and Bar Services Hangover Guide

Bartendo Event Staffing and Bar Services Hangover Guide


DO: Stay Hydrated: Keep sipping on water before, during and after drinking to help reduce the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol dehydrates the body which causes the majority of the discomfort associated with a hangover. If you can remember one thing before going to bed drunk, guzzle down plenty of water before sleeping and you will feel much better in the morning.

DONT: Mix different types of spirits: Different types of spirits have different levels of congeners (byproducts of fermentation) which are responsible for causing symptoms of hangovers. Each spirit causes a different type of hangover based on the level of congeners which means if you mix spirits you are essentially mixing different hangovers for yourself. This results in an extremely unpleasant headache the next day. We suggest you pick your poison and stick to it for the night.

DO: Eat: Make sure to eat well both before and after your night of drinking. When your stomach is lined with food, it slows down the absorption of alcohol. Carbohydrates like rice and potatoes are a great option.

DONT: Use carbonated mixers: Having drinks mixed with carbonated mixers will get you intoxicated quicker. Carbonation increases pressure in the stomach which forces the alcohol into the bloodstream. Its better to have vodka with orange juice instead of vodka with soda.

DO: Pace Yourself: Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is to avoid overconsumption of alcohol and drink at a slow pace. Stick to one drink per hour and sip on it slowly.

DONT: Drink the cheap stuff: While this may sound like an expensive way to prevent a hangover, the top shelf liquors are filtered and distilled the most which means they carry the least amount of congeners and toxins. This results in a less severe hangover.

There you have it, a fool proof way to keep yourself from spending a day holding your throbbing head and promising yourself “I’m never drinking again”. Remember folks, there is no proven cures for a hangover except for time and you know what they say, prevention is a lot easier than trying to find a cure.

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