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Our bartenders are known as the icing on the cake. With everything else in place for the event, the bartenders will not only mix you up the perfect drink, but they will also impress guests with their reassuring knowledge and personal touch. From small to large, or private to corporate, our bartenders are capable of serving any amount of guests in the same distinguishable manner. Approachable, efficient, and intelligent, our bartenders compliment your event with a suitable amount of energy.


These are the front line staff that will really make a lasting impression. We have the most adept servers that are capable of anything from casual, to buffet, and even fine dining style environments. These easygoing individuals ensure the place is kept at its cleanest, and that guests are served tastefully. Our team of servers will take away the show as they naturally demonstrate their superb serving skills in a genuine, professional and unique manner.


Our support staff has the ability to fulfill any job description. This is the kind of staff you want to hire for all the in between. Their wide range of skills allows them to be memorable at any event, as their appealing personalities shine. Take it up a notch and allow our support staff to provide coat check, bar back, clearing, cleaning, and set up/tear down. They can act as an extra hand in the kitchen, or simply host or hostess. Whatever you need help with, this adaptable individual will be the perfect addition to ensure a smooth event.


Our team of supervisors are highly trained and are always ready to impress. As the leader, they will delegate tasks, follow up with your needs and act as a liaison between all parties involved. This is the perfect person to take responsibility of an event and ensure there are no loose end. They possess the abilities of a high-end server/bartender, have excellent communications skills and will be there for you every step of the way. This is the perfect person to hire if you are looking for someone who can do it all in any atmosphere.


An event host is responsible for one thing at an event – their guests. They provide hospitality, comfort and order to the event. Our hosting staff specializes in creating a smooth experience for any event. They will take care of all the tedious tasks, including booking hospitality members, creating guest lists, organizing any special stations or contests, and ensuring everything is in order throughout the whole event. Rely on our detail-oriented staff to host your event just the way you desire.


Our roster of brand ambassadors makes it their mission to represent your brand, and engage consumers effectively. These enthusiastic, energetic staff are the perfect people to represent your brand in the most direct way. We know how important it is to drive that sale home, so every moment, interaction and smile counts with each customer encounter. Rely on our carefully selected staff to deliver confident, charismatic and effective promotion techniques. They will create a ton of buzz about your brand and surely blow your customers away.

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