Code Of Excellence

At Bartendo we provide our clients with the most trusted and professional staff by implementing our Code of Excellence. Recruiting people who are above industry standard is a priority as we seek out the most enthusiastic, and incomparable candidates. Prior to hiring, we delicately pick out the applicants that seem to have the right personality to fit our team. Knowledge can be taught, which is why we focus on the people who demonstrate a confident presence and extraordinary behavior. We believe in providing our clients with a cut-above service and that’s why our front line staff is of utmost importance. Our staff will surely stand out in any setting as Bartendo carefully follows this Code of Excellence in order to guarantee our clients with the very best.


With the nature of our industry, patience is number one. Calmly and collectively executing projects allows room for the best results. Possessing great listening skills allows our events staff to take the time to do it right, and not feel the need to rush. Our staff will stay cool under any kind of circumstance.


Taking initiative is a vital quality in our staff. We hire people that want to be the best and are willing to take it upon themselves to show it. They are motivated to grow, always go the extra-mile and genuinely share our mission on making it the very best experience for all our clients.


With little room for mistakes, we look for individuals that are precise and attentive with everything they do. Double-checking work, reiterating orders and having a keen eye, will only result in immaculate service. With all the unique set of responsibilities and challenges, we have the staff that problem solve any solution effectively and carefully.


Working hard means getting tasks done effectively and efficiently. Juggling multiple tasks will ensure our staff stays of the game, while maximizing time to get things done fast. With all the constant deadlines, it is this quality that creates the outcome for excellent service and results. Our staff makes use of their time to execute the quickest, and most quality service.


We all know how hard it is to sell something we don’t like. This is why we look for the individuals that genuinely have a passion for the industry. Having staff that believe in what they do solidifies the positive and consistence service we offer. Our staff is always looking forward to intertwining their creativity into any event.


Reliability is not limited to whether an employee shows up or not. It goes deeper than that. We want punctuality, consistency and loyalty. We rely on our employees to follow through with their word and provide reliable service. Our staff has the track record of always staying true to their promises.


Bartendo chooses people who are never waiting for direction. Our staff is quick thinkers, and takes advantage of every opportunity to make the experience even better. Having staff that are pro-active eases our mind, as we know how to pick people we can trust to do the job right.


Any job can be a drag, that’s why we promote a fun environment of individuals who can’t wait to come to work. Energy is number one when representing a company and delivering exceptional customer service. This is why our staff consists of the most happiest, energetic and wholehearted individuals.

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