8 Reasons Why You Should Work with Bartendo

Bartendo is currently hiring for both part-time and full-time positions. Part-time positions include event staff, servers and bartenders. Full-time positions currently available are customer service representatives, logistics and delivery team members, and more!

It is important to be happy in the job you’re doing. In this Forbes article, 7 Essentials For a Happy and Fulfilling Career, Kathy Caprino touches a lot on finding a job that empowers your desires and drive in the world. Bartendo creates exactly that, if your heart is into the customer service, food, drink and hospitality industry. Here are 8 reasons why you should work with Bartendo.

  1. Competitive Wage event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending services

For entry-level positions, most are used to low wages with promises of a raise. With us, we offer our servers and bartenders higher than minimum and serving wage. Starting $16/per hour, you are guaranteed a great payday and have the opportunity to make additional tips depending on the type of event you work.

Salary positions are also currently available. With a opportunities for growth, our positions are a solid avenue if you are looking for stability and happiness. If you are interested, please send your resume to apply@bartendo.ca.

  1. Flexibility

We offer a event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending servicesflexible range of job descriptions. Choose to be a server, bartender, support staff or even just a hostess. You can work as little as you want without a weekly or even monthly commitment. Work often in the summer, part-time during the school year or even as a full-time job permanently. Being selected for events is prioritized based on individual performance and availability.

Working in different environments creates flexibility in terms of location as well. Corporate events, house parties, weddings, festivals, trade shows and more also create diverse work environments. From upscale, to costume, to Hawaiian-themed, you have the opportunity to have fun, and experience different atmospheres. You also have the chance to work in both independent and team oriented settings.

  1. Room For Growth

As a start-up event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending servicescompany, we are always looking to improve, and value our staff’s feedback and experiences. This means you are part of the company’s success. From becoming event staff to an event manager, you will be able to gain valuable experience, practice essential skills and gain general knowledge to further any career you are interested in. Whether you choose to grow with Bartendo or not, here is a brief description of each event staffing position we offer to our clients.

With everything else in place for the event, the bartenders will not only mix you up the perfect drink, but they will also impress guests with their reassuring knowledge and personal touch. We have the most adept servers that are capable of anything from casual, to buffet, and even fine dining style environments. Our support staff is the kind of staff you want to hire for all the in between. Their wide range of skills allows them to be memorable at any event, as their appealing personalities shine.

As the leader, our event managers will delegate tasks, follow up with your needs and act as a liaison between all parties involved. Our hosts and hostesses take care of all the small but important tasks, including greeting guests, managing guest lists, monitoring event schedules, and ensuring everything is in order throughout the whole event. Lastly, our roster of brand ambassadors make it their mission to represent your brand, and engage consumers effectively.

  1. Young Company event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending services

As a young company, we are made up of millennial workers on a mission to succeed. As mentioned in this article, we are looking for like-minded individuals that have a commitment to success and share the same values as us. It is a chance to apply your individual skill-set and grow both professionally and personally. Check out some of our customer testimonials here to see what kind of experience others have offered in the past.

It is perfect for young adults who are still in school and need a flexible option, or for people still figuring out their career path. Both parties are given the opportunity to work in a secure, reliable, and happy setting. Coming onto our 2-year anniversary, we have offered clients reputable results and in turn have faithful repeat customers. Healthy for resumes, minds and bank accounts, Bartendo wants to see what you can add to our team!

  1. Passion-Driven Workplace

Since you event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending servicesrepresent the company, you must be responsible and care about making a positive impression. Being passionate about your job creates an environment you want to be in. If you are passionate about such job descriptions listed above, then this is the place to apply.

We assign people to events based on passion, which is why our staff roster is growing. All staff, being equally as motivated, creates a unique vibe where you’re in control. When employees are passionate, it creates authenticity, respect and teamwork between staff and clients.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Since we offer our bar services and event staff to a range of clientele, we create a range of networking opportunities for our employees. Whether you get to make a memorable impression, or talk to the right person at the right time, this range of environments creates a new door of unknown opportunities, as you never know whom you may meet!

It is event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending servicesalso a chance to see which events are best fit for your personality and work style. From galas for large corporations, to private dinner parties, you can decide where you are best suited for the best work experience. You can even be requested by clients, at both private or corporate parties, and guarantee yourself a position – especially if those request come from clients who regularly use our services.

  1. Like-minded Coworkers

We hire for personality and professionalism – not always experience. This creates a workplace where we can have like-minded individuals who work well both interpersonally and professionally. All your coworkers are positive, hardworking and team oriented as we pair you with other enthusiastic employees.

We also provide our services at events all across Canada, so we are also able work with diverse individuals. Whether you are studying in one province and home for the summer in another, you will also have the opportunity to work with us.  Most importantly, as you grow, you can teach others new skills and grow together professionally. As Caprino wrote:

“We fail to see that building positive relationships with supportive, empowering, enlivening people (and mentoring those who are emerging) is the best career strategy we can devise.”

  1. Guaranteed Opportunity event staff toronto, hire a server, bartending services

You are guaranteed the opportunity of creating positive results. You create and define the full customer satisfaction. If you are passion-driven, your customers will feel it and have a great time. This means a great review and a guarantee we will reach out to you for our next event.

You have a chance to prove yourself as you are in control. From setting-up, decorating, cleaning and serving, you create the product we sell – excellent service. Whether it’s event services, or a salary position, you can be apart of a unique environment that is solely based on your commitment to the task. We give the opportunity for you to be a leader, no matter the stage of life you’re in.

Click here to apply if you would like to work with us. Be apart of our bartending services, as we give others a chance to hire a bartender, server or event staff anywhere they live in Canada. Our clients, love our bar rentals, event staff and all bar catering services. As Canada’s top premier bar catering provider, we take pride in selecting our Nation’s top talent. Apply today and see how we can help you succeed!

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