6 Unique Canadian Event Venues

Whenever I attend a party, I always look forward to exploring the venue. Whether it’s crystal chandeliers, vintage wainscoting or retro table settings, I always appreciate the beauty of a setting. From classy, to casual, every place can design their party rooms to wow guests, attract more renters and really set the mood of the party.

Since there is usually a reoccurring theme, many venues tend to portray similar styles of presentation. Typically, there is sparkly décor, extrinsic details and crisp backdrops. Whether you like the idea of bringing your own items to decorate, or leaving it up to the hall, picking a venue that accommodates your needs should be number one on your list.

Here are some unique venues to explore next time you are planning an event. Whether it’s for business, private reasons or a milestone celebration, these cool settings will surely impress your guests.



Venue: The Toronto Island Venues

Location: 18 Wyandot Ave, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416.203.0965

Link: http://www.torontoislandvenues.com/

toronto skylineNot only will you be celebrating on an island, but also celebrating on an island filled with history. The island offers a church, rental space, and all other services required to run an event. Offering these services on the Island creates accessibility for those who are concerned about how to locate it otherwise. You can choose between The Algonquin Island Association, The Shaw House and The Wards Island Association. All 3 locations are island inspired, and have an individual charm to win any party planner over.

The AIA overlooks the city and the harbour, offering gorgeous skyline views and providing island life throughout the winter months. Holding up to 150 guests, this is the largest facility on the island. On the other hand, The Shaw House is meant for more intimate parties providing spacious rooms, gorgeous views and a fully equipped kitchen. With a capacity of 45 people indoors and 75 in the garden, it’s no wonder this spot is so popular for tasteful and small gatherings. Although the WIA is summer-only, it consists of a main hall, elevated stage, fenced green area and a covered porch running the length of the building. Fitting up to 145 guests, this spot is just steps away from the Ward’s Island ferry docks.


Venue: Distillery Events

Location: The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, ON

Phone: 416.203.2363

Link: http://www.distilleryevents.com/index.php?pg=home

Photocredit: thedistillerydistrict.com

photocredit: thedistillerydistrict.com

            This is the type of spot you book when looking to blow your guests away. Able to accommodate any size or type of event, Distillery Events will give you personalized and experienced service. Offering The Loft, Archeo, Fermenting Cellar and Cluny Private Dining, you surely won’t have trouble finding the best-suited space for your individual needs!

Archeo is located in the old carpentry shop and reflects its history with the 150-year-old reclaimed wood from the Gooderham and Worts days in all the table and bars. Holding up to 150 people, this is the spot you need to book if you’re looking for contemporary style and historic tradition.

The Loft is located in The Boiler House, offering a newly renovated event space with a stunning and dramatic backdrop for any event. Offering up to 80-seated guests, and 120 for cocktails, there is no staffing rate as this is the ideal location for a small-scale experience.

Fermenting Cellar is perfect for large events holding from 200 – 600 people depending on your event purpose. With a 35 ft. ceiling, 7,500 square foot space and radiant floor heating, this spot is a blank canvas that can be transformed into a dramatic backdrop to suit any partygoer’s needs.

Cluny Private Dining is unique in both its design and menu. Offering a large patio and private dining area, the options is endless when planning your next intimate gathering. Although not capable of accommodating a dance floor, DJ or a band, its functions cater to 30 – 80 people in a large space that is filled with fascinating custom details.



Venue: Tour De Levis

Location: Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC

Phone: 514.872.9013

Link: http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/en/tour-de-levis-hall-rental-montreal/ 

Photocredit: parcjeandrapeau.com

photocredit: parcjeandrapeau.com

Similar to the Toronto Islands and Distillery District, Parc Jean-Drapeau offers a variety of halls that is available for party rentals. Built in 1930, the Tour de Levis Tower is the one hall that stands out the most for a unique experience. As a highly recognized and historical landmark of the Montreal landscape, this 60 person capacity venue has the functions to deliver the perfect intimate function.

Only available from May to October, this spot will need bookings well in advance to accommodate for the high demand! A 157-step staircase is located inside that leads to the observation deck where guests have a 360-degree view of the islands, river, downtown Montreal and surrounding areas. With a large counter-bar space, this spot is perfect for a small and customizable party setting. Awe your guests with a rustic atmosphere and breathtaking views.



Venue: The AML Cavalier Maxim

Location: Old Port of Montreal: 333 Rue de la Commune O, Montréal, QC

Phone: 866.856.6668

Link: http://www.croisieresaml.com/en/our-boats/aml-cavalier-maxim-1/

boatTake your next event up a notch and host it on a boat! With the plethora of halls and venues always available to rent, your guests will love the unique option of renting a boat instead! Croisiéres AML is the company that provides such experiences, and for the sake of time, I have selected my personal favourite boat to host your next event on.

The AML Cavalier Maxim has a capacity of up to 800 passengers, providing a unique boat restaurant with delicious food options, glassed-in rooms, outside terraces and a unique atmosphere on each deck! Usually departing from the Convoyeurs Pire, in the Old Port of Montreal, this boat is suitable for any large gathering such as weddings, corporate parties, and holiday functions. The food is prepared on board, and professional crewmembers, servers and bartenders assist the event. With unrivalled comfort and a fully functioning dance floor, you can see why this would be the party to remember!



Venue: Pipe Shop Venue

Location: 115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.985.2191

Link: www.pipeshopvenue.com

photocredit: pipeshopvenue.com

photocredit: pipeshopvenue.com

What stands out the most about this venue is its stunning waterfront views and flexible layout. The beautiful ocean can be appreciated through the large windows encompassing the building. Nothing is more calming than a waterfront view, especially when hosting a party. Event staff, servers, bartenders and guests will all value this special touch.

This 9,300 square foot building also has concrete floors, exposed wood beams, and high vaulted ceilings. This open concept building was originally built in the 1940s, and was once knows as the Pipefitters building. Now restored, this heritage building brings a rustic touch to any event.The venue comes as is – empty. This creates a great opportunity to personalize your party exactly how you want it. You can pick your tables, chairs, décor and caterers, making your event a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s perfect for corporate, business, wedding, and other big events that require optimal space.


Venue: Caulfeild Cove Hall

Location: 4773 South Piccadilly Rd, West Vancouver, BC

Contact: 604.812.7411

Link: https://www.caulfeildcovehall.ca/


photocredit: caulfeildcovehall.ca

photocredit: caulfeildcovehall.ca

On the contrary, this venue is perfect for intimate gatherings that don’t require a massive guest list. The building overlooks the historic Cove, beside Lighthouse Park, also making this a waterfront experience. Located in the woods, this environment is peaceful, secluded and perfect for nature lovers.

It also has a high vaulted ceiling, but embodies beautiful crystal chandeliers that add a special ambiance to your event. It has it’s own entrance lobby and stairs and is equipped with 150 chairs, 14 round tables, 10 rectangular tables and a large, fully equipped kitchen for catering.

Connected to the hall, the lounge has coffee tables, comfortable armchairs, a gas fireplace and glass doors and windows that open onto a Courtyard with wooden benches and a beautiful paperbark maple tree. With the option of ordering more furniture, this place is flexible, cute and ideal for intimate celebrations.


Most of these venues include bartenders, servers and other event staff. Please contact us today if you need extra staff or would like to get more information on our packages!

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