6 Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Mobile Bar

Have you ever considered the thought of having a mobile bar at your next event? Well you definitely should! Here are six reasons why a mobile bar will take your next party to new heights:

1.) Organized:

Being organized is very important to running a successful party. A great way to do this is by having a mobile bar setup to serve your guests their favourite beverages. With a bar setup you will have all of your supplies (alcohol, garnishes, cups, juices, etc.) in one place. This will help control traffic and chaos, as everyone will have one location to go to for their drinks. Your guests are guaranteed to be served fast and efficiently with the clean and clear layout of the bars storage area.

2.) Mobility:

You may be thinking as to why you need a mobile bar setup when you already have a perfectly fine bar in your basement. The problem with the bar in your basement is that it is stuck in one spot. You don’t have the option of moving it upstairs or anywhere else if your event calls for it. With Bartendo’s elegant mobile bars, you now have the option of recreating that bar experience anywhere you like. Regardless if that’s for a Christmas get-together in your kitchen or for an epic pool party in your backyard. Just imagine having a party with your family and friends on a hot summer day with a beautiful bar on your backyard deck. Another great thing is how quick and easy the setup and tear down process is. Our team will have your very own bar setup within minutes.

3.) Customized:

Our mobile bars can be personalized to match the theme of any event. You can get creative and turn any design you have in mind to reality. This includes intricate patterns, your company’s logo or even the names of a couple for their wedding day. The customization possibilities are endless! There are many options to make the bars unique to your own style and ensure that no two parties are the same. We can arrange to set up your bar in an L-shape, U-shape, straight bar or whatever fits your setting and space. You can also set the mood for the event and take it up a notch with LED lighting, which has various settings, including, alternating color patterns and solid colors.

4.) Innovative:

The last thing you want is for your event to be remembered as typical or boring. With Bartendo’s mobile bars, you can make sure that this never happens and add the final touch that will leave your guests with something to talk about. Our mobile bar setups are a very affordable addition to your event that are guaranteed to have your guests impressed with something new and exciting. Once they realize no future event is complete without a bar, you may just be the first to start a new trend amongst your partygoers!

5.) Elegant:

Having a premium bar setup is a surefire way to grab your guest’s attention and bring a new style factor to the event. Everyone wants to treat his or her guests to first class service that will be memorable. Our top quality mobile bars add the luxurious feeling and ambiance that you are looking for. These bars look expensive and compliment any type of décor perfectly, yet are very affordable in price.

6.) Social:

We have noticed from our experience that when a mobile bar is set up at an event, it increases socialization. Most people who go out to drink at bars will do it for the sole purpose of socializing with others. Now you can bring the bar to you and hire a bartender from an event staffing company to add that social aspect to your event. The bar becomes the life of the party and where everyone gathers around for their drinks. This creates more conversation and guest interaction, leading to a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Contact us to inquire about having your very own bar setup at your next event!

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