5 Things to Know Before You Say Yes to the Dress

I do. Those are the words that many engaged couples are anxious to finally say to
each other. Your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime milestone that you want to unfold just as you imagined. Aside from booking the hall, sending the invitations, and preparing the venue, picking a wedding dress is arguably one of the most important, yet difficult decisions thus far. To get you on the right track, here is the ultimate guide for the perfect shopping experience.

    1. Do your Research Planning a Wedding and Dress Shopping Tips

Before you attempt anything, I highly suggest you scavenge the Internet and look at all the dresses you possibly can. Look through online boutiques, company websites, and social media sites as a start. Try to envision yourself wearing it, that way you can narrow down your shopping experience to style. Nonetheless, still be open-minded when you actually go shopping as you may be surprised by what’s in store – literally! Brides-to-be often go in with one premonition and change their mind about what they initially thought they liked.

Other then style of dress, try getting a rough idea of the other fine details you may not be thinking about. Do you prefer lace or bling, or maybe a bit of both? Do you prefer simple or extravagant? Colour is also an element some people may not think about until they get to the bridal store. Ivory, off-white, white or champagne are some of the most common colours. What I found surprising is white is actually the least sold dress! Try an ivory colour instead and you’ll be sure to see why white isn’t as nice as we thought.

    Wedding Dress Shopping Tips 2. Remember To Budget

If your budget is $3000, don’t choose a dress that is right on the mark. You need to factor in other costs such as tax, alterations and the vale. If you’re lucky, some dresses may even already be close to your size. If this is the case, you can save on alteration fees. It seems the basic cost for minimal alterations is around $500. The vale is also something to keep in mind. If you are looking at a Swarovski inspired vale, you must keep in mind that it will be more expensive than other more basic designs. Search online and you can also find quality vales at a great price. Either way, mix and match your dress options with the vales to compare prices and different combinations.

Another way to budget is to make your appointment when they have trunk shows. Some bridal boutiques have certain designers on sale depending on the week. You can call ahead of time to inquire which designers are currently on sale, or you can track which stores are holding a trunk show for a specific designer you may already have in mind. Lastly, many brides-to-be save money by picking a more simple dress, and adding a belt or accessories that give the same end result.

    3. Don’t overdo it  Planning a Wedding and Dress Shopping Tips

When I say don’t over do, I am speaking in terms of entourage, mindset and timing. The number one universal rule is to bring as little people as possible! The more people, the more choices, the more disagreements and the harder the decision will be. To avoid the pressure of other opinions, limit it to two or three people. Your mom, maid of honour, or another trusted family member should be all the input you need to find the one.

In terms of mindset, don’t overthink! The more calm and collected you are, the clearer your head will be. This is the perfect time for decision-making – so don’t over analyze it. You have the support you need to make the best decision! Timing properly will also relieve stress. If you’re the couple that just got engaged and already have the wedding bells ready to go, then make dress shopping the first step on your to-do list. I suggest shopping with at least 10 – 14 months leeway – this way you’re not leaving it last minute and you won’t feel as crunched on time. Alterations, measurements and delivery dates are all things that take longer than you may assume.

    Planning a Wedding and Dress Shopping Tips 4. Have an Open Mind

It’s ok to have a vision for your dress before the day you go shopping. Just make sure you aren’t stubborn, and are open to other options. Even if you don’t necessarily like a suggestion, try it on – you may be shocked at what you see. In that being said, I recommend trying at least three different styles on. If you were looking at a ballgown dress, make a point to try on a mermaid, trumpet or sheath style as well. This will give you a better understanding of what styles actually suit your body type.

Shopping for body doesn’t mean buying a size smaller because you expect to loose a few pounds come the big day. Just remember that regardless of how much weight you loose, your body shape isn’t going to change! Don’t let minor details deter you either. For example, you may love everything about a gown but wish it had just a bit more sparkle. Rather than searching for a similar dress – just with more sparkle – try accessorizing. This simple solution can often make the perfect match – even better than what you were hoping for!

    5. Prepare Efficiently Planning a Wedding and Dress Shopping Tips

This doesn’t mean to quickly make preparations – but to do it well. Imagine planning a trip and accidentally forgetting to book your return flight – it would be a nightmare. The same goes for gown shopping, prepare the right way and you won’t miss a thing! Consider factors such as if you’re holding your wedding outside. If so, be aware of the weather and dress accordingly. Keep in mind shoes, shawls and any other additional items you would need to be conscious of. No one wants to wear just a strapless dress in the middle of winter! Furthermore, get someone to take good pictures of you in all your gowns while you try them on. It will be easier to compare your options later and help you feel confident in your choice too!

Lastly, make a point to have your hair and make-up done the day you plan your outing. This is often overlooked, but is a must as a bare face and messy hair will not do your dress justice and could result in picking the wrong one. It may look nice, but you must foreshadow how practical your dress really is. This means moving around in your outfit so you can test the comfort in all positions. Last thing you want is to be held back on the dance floor all because you didn’t realize how restricted you were!

All you need to do is follow this guide, gather your fellow shoppers and make sure to bring a selection of bras so you can try on different cuts of dresses – without imagining what it looks like minus your bright pink bra straps. If it’s the first day and you already think you found the dress – buy it! Intuition is key, so if it feels right then it’s the one – especially if you can imagine yourself wearing it on the big day!

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips



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