Next time you are organizing your upcoming party you may consider to hire a bartender to serve you and your guests. Here are five reasons why you should hire a bartender from a good event staffing company.

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1. What should I serve and how much alcohol should I purchase?

A good event staffing company should be able to assist you with choosing the best drink choices based on the preferences of you and your guests. With all of the past experiences the company has had, they can recommend the top rated drinks based on client feedback. You will also be saving a lot of money on shopping for your liquor by following the companies guidelines for the quantity of alcohol and other grocery items to purchase.

2. Keep everything organized and clean!

With the help of a professional bartender you will find setup and cleanup a breeze. You can be assured that the bar will be setup and ready to serve as your guests start arriving. This allows you and your family to give full attention to your guests as you greet them. The bar staff will also be sure to keep the bar area tidy throughout the entire night and do a final cleanup of the area when the party ends.

3. Hi, can I get a Bubblegum Cocktail?

An experienced bartender will have the knowledge to create a variety of drinks. You and your guests will be delighted to receive tasty favourites throughout the night.

4. A professional bartender keeps the party going.

We all know that once guests start to arrive, the first place they end up is the bar which can create quite the lineup. The bar area ends up being the most crowed and becomes the hangout spot for the night. Professional bar staff work with speed and a great personality to manage the line effectively while providing great customer service and an overall pleasant experience.

5. What happens if Uncle Jim becomes tipsy?

An event staffing company in Ontario must legally have Smart Serve Certified bartenders, which assures you that you can trust them to serve your guests responsibly. Experienced bartenders can recognize if someone has had a little to much to drink and can use their training to discreetly stop serving alcohol to the individual. This saves the host or Aunt Beatrice the embarrassment to have to interfere in the conflict and ensures a smooth and safe resolution to the event.

There you have it! Next time you consider hiring a bartender from a top event staffing company be sure to call Bartendo and receive our excellent service at value pricing. We can’t wait to be apart of your next event!

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    Always the best content from these prgoioidus writers.

  • Leviticus Bennett

    I like your point that an experienced bartender will have a knowledge of lots of different drinks. Many of my friends are pretty unique, so they probably have special drinks they like to order. I wouldn’t know how to make any of them, so I’d rather leave that in the hands of a bartender.

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