4 Ways to Minimize Liability When Hosting A Corporate Event

Business functions are a great way to show appreciation to your employees.  They encourage team building and aid in strengthening relationships with fellow colleagues.  But keep in mind, when hosting a Business event involving the consumption of alcohol, be it a holiday party or a summer gathering, it is important to minimize the likelihood of a liability claim.  These claims are not all that common, but when they do occur they can be extremely time consuming and ruin the reputation of your company.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your function runs safely and smoothly:

  1. Limit alcohol consumption: This can be done by using a few tactics. Each team member can receive drink tickets prior to the start of the event. This helps cap the maximum amount of drinks each employee is allowed to consume. Make sure to have a safe but enjoyable ticket limit (~1 per hour). A cash bar is another approach that can assist in keeping alcohol consumption to a desirable amount. When a cash bar is instated as opposed to an open bar, guests are less inclined to over consume as a result of having to purchase their own drinks.

  2. Insured Event Staffing Company: Hiring a bartender that is trained and insured! Having a bartender serve drinks at your event ensures guests do not over consume. Smart Serve Certified bartenders know when to cut off individuals, and also assure underage drinking does not take place! Likewise, it is important to affirm the event staff are fully insured. This eliminates a great deal of liability off your hands, and instead transfers it to the company providing the staff. This liability elimination is usually not possible when hiring individuals from classified search engines such as craigslist and kijiji. Be sure to contact a legitimate event staffing company that provides fully insured bartenders and servers for your next event!

  3. Ensure a safe ride home: A few days before the event, begin to encourage your team members to arrange a safe ride home. If one is not available, provide a taxi service, call them an uber or provide them with a credit for their fare home. Individuals will be less inclined to drive if a ride home is provided!

  4. Food: Please ensure that plenty of food is provided at your party. It is essential for your guests to consume alcohol and eat simultaneously to avoid the consequences of over-intoxication. The likelihood of guests getting highly intoxicated, upset stomachs and nausea increase due to rapid absorption of alcohol on empty stomachs.

Following these guidelines will be sure to decrease your chances of encountering a liability claim. Having a business party is a fun way of rewarding your hard working staff and help build long lasting relationships. Make sure you and your guests have peace of mind while doing so!

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