4 Tips For the Host on New Years Eve

After all the hosting, serving and bartending I have done, I can safely say there are two distinguishable types of event hosts. The first is the genuine host who likes to be the one to do it and often does. The second type is the obligated host. This is the person who is only hosting because they feel they have to. Whether it is their turn in the family round of parties, or they feel obligated because of pressure from surrounding relationships, both are no excuse to be a bad host. With New Years approaching, I have these tips that will have your guests pleased, and allow yourself to enjoy the party too.

1. Plan Ahead

Being prepared seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst how-to articles in almost any genre. The idea is how you apply it in each scenario and executing your plan successfully. You don’t want to run out of dip, fall short on cups, or have an overload of shoes at the front door. You would be surprised at how easy it is to forget about these factors when caught up in the moment of event planning, especially if you’re the obligated host.

Create a brainstorm of everything you can think of and don’t be afraid to add to it as you progress in your plans. This will be your rough outline. From there, make a list of everything you need and separate it into categories. Food, cutlery, decorations, garbage bins and recycling bags are some of the basics you can start with. Buy everything you need and create a vision of where you are going to place it. If it’s easier, don’t be afraid to draw a rough sketch of the room and label your item placements from there.

The key is to place strategically to ensure a smooth party. Place snacks in a room where people are hanging out, but keep the dinner portions to one area. Self-serve is your best option as it allows you to relax once the food and drinks are out on the table. Once you’ve organized your thoughts, you are more likely to remember anything you may have forgotten and avoid the headache when the time comes.

2. Create a Clean Culture

You need to set the precedence on this one, as it easy for people to adapt a sloppy culture if you allow it. If you have to, buy an extra rug, even if it’s cheap so that you can create space anywhere else in the house without creating a mess. The winter can create a wet disaster at the front door; so don’t forget to buy a size appropriate rug! If your closet isn’t big enough for all the jackets, designate a chair for them so people can throw and grab as they please.

Another overlooked factor is the garbage. Place multiple garbage bags and place them in spots people can see. I’m not saying you need it in every room of the house, but make sure to spread them out where there is a large space or food and drinks are being held. Creating easy accessibility to garbage is going to promote the clean culture you were looking for.

Create matching creative signs to label important features of the party. Not only will less people ask you questions, but also encourage a more proactive environment. Over the bathroom, on top of the garbage and recycling, and on display on the food tables are all ideal places to put your signs. For the food table, you can indicate self-serve in a fun spirited way.

3. Invite Wisely 

If this is a bigger celebration that extends past your family, ensure to invite wisely. You
really don’t need to have all your extended friends there, so stick to your guns on this one. Creating a list well in advance will enable you to feel it out without feeling the pressure. Remember, even if you’re obligated to host, your not obligated to throw a huge party. Invite your close family and friends first, send out an invite and see how comfortable you are with numbers once you start getting RSVPs. From there, you can decide to send out more invites, or keep it the way it is.

Another rule of thumb is to invite guests in groups or pairs. You don’t want to be entertaining everyone all night, especially if they don’t necessarily know each other. Still invite whom you want, but be flexible when considering if your friend can bring a guest even if it’s pushing your numbers a little further than you anticipated. It will pay off in the long run as you can mingle when you please and change any bags or refill any necessities easily.

4. Stay Cool

It may take some additional time managing, but the best thing to do is make the situation
easier by having fun with it. You’ll find it less stressful than thought if you have a calm mindset and accept the help when offered. If you notice some people leaving plates everywhere, kindly pick it up and mention the garbage bin just across the room. You’ll be sure to get your point across without seeming frustrated. Keep in mind the likelihood of guests doing this isn’t very high if it’s not a huge party you’re throwing anyways.

Part of staying cool is to take a breather if you’re getting stressed. Take a moment and go
to your room where you can collect yourself or just sit down if you feel like it. With all the hustle and bustle, you deserve 5 minutes away! Even if the place seems to be getting messier, there is always helping hands. Leave it until the end of the night when there aren’t many people left so you can start tidying up. You’ll be sure the guests still remaining will automatically pitch in and the place will be clean before you know it.

Follow these tips for a smooth and enjoyable evening! Depending on the size of your party, you can always hire event staff to help execute your party plans effectively. Bartendo has affordable services that will make your New Years party even less stressful by doing all the hard work for you. Contact us to inquire and we will have answers to your entire event staffing needs.








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