3 Tips for Hosting an Eco-Friendly Event

Hotel’s and restaurants are already on their way to creating sustainability and efficiency with their design choices. More specifically, it is electricity and water that consumes the most energy and is responsible for the highest running costs in a business. Thanks to new technology, such as LED lights, these businesses are able to save on money and energy. In honour of Earth Day, we have created a list of tips you can use for your next event that will not only please your guests, but help the environment too!

Whether you are hosting at a venue, or planning a party in your home, these tips will be an eco-friendly solution no matter what. Making environmentally friendly solutions means going past just separating garbage and recycling. An easy step to ensure guests use bins properly is to create signs and make an effort to tell your guests as they come in. Show them where to get their food and drinks, where the recycling/garbage is and anything else your guests need be aware of!

  1. Limit Waste Planning a party, eco-friendly, hire a bartender

Limit waste by preparing well and avoiding waste products prior to the event. A common and universally simple solution is to use glassware instead of paper or plastic plates and cups. Although it is true these items are recyclable, it is still a better option to use washable items. If you happen to have extra leftovers, don’t throw it out! There are plenty of options for utilizing this food. Either send guests home with take-out plates, use it for your lunch that week or, if you qualify, get in touch with companies, like Second Harvest, who will gladly donate your leftovers!

Try buying recycled and eco-friendly products for your party. Paper towel, napkins, and straws are only a few of the items that you can buy as an alternative to well-known brands of these products. Another point worth mentioning is to pay attention to water consumption! Provide water wisely by not offering any bottles, and instead offering cups with personalized tags so nobody is loosing track and wasting their water.


  1. Design Efficiently  Planning a party, eco-friendly, hire a bartender

If you are renting out a venue, this measure will be easier to take. There are many eco-friendly venues out there that already have energy saving products in place. These venues have LEED certifications by saving energy using products that are certified as energy saving. Here are a few green venue options in Toronto! You can also choose a venue that is a central location – close to subways, busses and trains so that your guests can have a choice at how they commute.

If you are planning an private party at home, you can still contribute! Buy LED lights instead of the traditional kind, take advantage of your dimmed lights and simply add another lamp to brighten the room up- without using your bright chandelier! Decorate creatively by avoiding plastic at all costs and replacing it with reusable materials. Just like with donating your left overs, if you actively set an example, people will follow.

  1. Encourage AwarenessPlanning a party, eco-friendly, hire a bartender

This is the most important step about hosting an environmentally friendly party. If people aren’t aware of your efforts, what use is it? Well realistically you are still helping the environment, but regardless you need maximize your impact by encouraging awareness! For example, don’t forget to encourage people to carpool to save on gas consumption. Buying organic food and advertising what your guests are eating is also another creative way to raise awareness.

As many businesses are already doing, paperless is the way to go. You can do this when hosting a part by sending online invitations, instead of mailing them, and keeping all your to-do lists in digital format. On top of that, you can even create online environment information packages or brochures that guests can have easy access too before, during or after the party! Lastly, send guests homes with a plant sapling as a memorable parting gift.

If you are a planning a party, whether at home or at a venue, don’t forget to hire some support staff! Whether you are hiring a bartender, server, cook or hostess, Bartendo has it all. Having a helping hand will add a finishing touch to complete a successful eco-friendly party.


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