3 Must-Have Items This St. Patrick’s Day

Most holidays have unspoken rules and are celebrated naturally. It may change slightly depending on your culture, but typically the idea of such holidays is pretty universal. Christmas, Canada Day and Family Day are only a few examples. St. Patrick’s Day, however, is the only staple where there isn’t many rules or organization – at least not in the modern way we’ve been doing it! Although not an official holiday, it sure feels like one with the amount of Irish spirit lingering on this bright day. It is time to fulfill our spirits by doing the one thing we know how to do best– indulge.

Canadians adapted this holiday initially as a way to celebrate those who passed in the Great Famine in the 1880’s. Now, Canada has been wearing green on March 17 for over a century! Click here to learn more about the background of St. Patrick’s Day! Now that we have more knowledge about St.Patty’s than leprechauns and lucky charms, you are ready to include these 3 must-haves to prepare yourself for the ultimate Irish night.

  1. Theme
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    Evidently, theme is the number one thing to never forget about. Sure, you can just wear a green shirt, but if you want to really get in the spirit then you need accessorize perfectly. By this, I mean the right amount of festive and funk. Little green hats, large sequin bows and green leis are only a few of the most popular. If you prefer keeping it simple, go right ahead – but for those who are going all out make sure to theme your outfit accurately!

    If you’re wearing green attire, skip out on the lei and themed necklaces. Instead, substitute for a hat and add a clover tattoo to finish the touch. Whether it’s a subtle one on the cheek or a statement piece on your arm, you will be able to determine which one compliments your outfit better. If you decide on a more relaxed outfit, feel free to pop in that bow, throw on your best St.Patty’s Day headbands and please deck out wherever you can.

    If you’re hosting the party, you must decorate accordingly! People need to see decorations if they decide to go to your party over the hot spot in town. Start by adding the big themed items first, and fill in the spaces with streamers, pot of gold lights and any other standout decor!

  3. Service
  4. St.Patrick's Day event tips event staffing Toronto

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    In order to truly enjoy your St.Patrick’s Day, you must have great service. This can apply in two scenarios. One, hosting a party and being responsible for providing good service or two – relying on your bartenders and servers to give you good service. Regardless the scenario, you must understand the volume of participants and give your host the benefit of the doubt.

    Scenario one is the easiest to control. As a host you can take the necessary measures to ensure a successful party. Decorate accordingly, set-up modestly and prepare promptly. In order to prepare, try making easy-to-serve drinks such as punch bowls. They are easy, tasty and convenient! Also gather a few extra hands prior to your party so you’re not alone when offering your hospitality.

    Scenario two is more of a preventative measure. Choose the right environment, and you are already doing half the work. For those crammed in at the local bar, ensure good service by looking on the bright side. Order 2 drinks at once to coast on, and take advantage when the server is near you. Not only will they appreciate it, but you’ll benefit too!


  5. Environment

St.Patrick's Day event tips event staffing Toronto

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As mentioned above, you must take the precautions to ensure a good environment! Either create it yourself, or pick a place you know is always a blast. Regardless the scenario, you want to surround yourself with loving friends, family and people you are comfortable with. Not only will it be easier to let loose, but you will really be following the tradition of indulgence – but applied to relationships too.

Aside from your entourage, you want a place that radiates good vibes. That doesn’t mean the first place you hear bumping music is the one, but rather the place that fits your mood and makes you feel good inside and out – first impression and all. If you can score this and cheap drinks, you’re good to go for the night! Don’t forget today is about loving and appreciating what we have.

As a host, an effective way to set the vibe is a table full of themed St.Patrick’s Day Drinks presented right at the door way. Pre-making them will be your best bet. Green and yellow Jell-O shots can be done the night before, and can also be used to spread across the table in a welcoming presentation.

As you can see, these must-haves may take a bit of preparation. A little will go a long way when it comes to décor, simple solutions and the right setting. If you’re hosting a party, hiring a server or bartender is the first step to make your night run smoother. Bartendo has fast and effective solutions for all event-staffing needs. Rent a mobile bar, customize it and get one of our staff to serve the very best signature cocktails. Don’t forget these 3 tips and you’ll be sure to have a great night.

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