10 Tips for Hiring Event Staff

If you wish to have a great event, you should avoid hiring any Tom, Rick or Harry to be part of your event staff. The tips below should help you hire the most appropriate event staff for your next event.


Have a clear understanding of what you need

If you don’t know what you need for your event then everything will go! Different events call for different staff. Have a clear understanding of the event you wish to hold; this way, you are in a good position to hire the right staff. You need to have a clear understanding of the roles you wish the staff to play before hiring.

Be as specific as possible

When you have a clear understanding of what the event is bout, you should be in a good position to hire the most appropriate staff. In case you are hiring through an agency then you need to be as specific as possible. For example, do you want male event staff, female or both? Do you want staff speaking a particular language or having a particular hair color or build?

Don’t expect the staff to be the same

We are different as people and such it would be unfair to expect the staff you intend to hire to be the same. The best you can do is to hire according to experience and skills. Having a good understanding of your staff will help you work better with them. Understand their strengths and weaknesses to help you work better with them.

Ensure that they work together as a team

In order for your event to be a success, the team needs to work well together. In the hiring process, it is important to let the team meet with the potential event staff so that you see how well they get on. This way, you have with you a nice blend of personalities that will work towards making your event a success.

Think about the brand while hiring

It is important to think about the brand while hiring event staff. This way, you have the right fit for your brand’s image. After all, the staff is the first point of contact that the audience has.

Have a good idea of the event’s requirements

In order to hire the right staff-both in terms of numbers and experience levels, you need to have a good idea of the event’s requirements. This means that you need to know the audience that will be present at the event, you need to know the size of the event and you need to know the duration of the event. With such information at your fingertips, you will be in a good position to hire staff that suits the event’s needs in terms of age, gender, cultural diversity or experience.

Avoid counting pennies

When hiring staff for your event, you should avoid counting pennies. You normally get what you pay for. As such, you may wish to pay less but don’t expect quality services from the staff.

Ensure that the staff knows what is in store

Before the actual event, it is important to have some time off to talk to the staff. This will help the staff be better prepared for the event.  During the meeting, ensure that you let the staff know of what is expected of them. They need to understand the tie they are expected to arrive for the event and how long their services will be required. In addition, they need to know what is required of them in terms of their wardrobes, job duties and specific behaviors at the event.  During the meeting, you should also let the staff know of any negatives if any so that they are in a good position to handle themselves at the event.

Avoid hiring based solely on good looks

Much as good looks are important, they don’t make up for quality services. As you hire staff, try as much as possible not to only focus on good looks. Take a look at potential staff’s personality, professionalism and experience before hiring. This way, the objectives of your event stand better chances of being achieved.

Organize interviews and request CVs

You need to interview potential staff. You can hold the interviews in-person, through skype or by phone. No matter how the interview needs to be done, it should be done. After all, you don’t want to end up working with someone you didn’t speak to in the first place. You should also request for an updated V so that you can ascertain the staff’s experience and skill-levels.


Great staff makes for great events. If you’re looking for an event staffing company to fit your needs, look to further and trust Bartendo. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your event become a memorable and lasting experience.

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