10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff

How well the event staff interact and engage the audience will determine how well an event goes. This is why it is important to hire the right event staff for your events. The following ten mistakes should be avoided when hiring event staff for your event.


Taking too much time in deciding 

The more time you take in making a decision, the more chances you will get something wrong. In this instance, when you are trying to hire the best event staff, it is better not to delay in your decision making, this is because someone else may snap them up as you dilly-dally with your decision. Ideally, when planning an event, you should allow for a short period of time in your decision making if you are to avoid losing quality event staff.

Not interviewing the staff

Avoid taking the hiring process at face value. You need to interview the potential event staff in order to root out those that are not ideal for the event you have in mind. There some questions you should ask potential staff and based on their answers make your decision to hire or not to hire.  As you interview potential staff, you should note that they will be representing your brand and as such need to fit in incredibly well with your brand image.

Paying less and expecting quality

There is a saying that ‘you get what you pay for’. The same applies to hiring event staff. Don’t expect quality work while giving our peanuts as payment. Much as quality event staff may cost more, they are the better option if you are to end up with a successful event.

Not discussing the event

The worst thing you can do while hiring event staff is not to discuss the event! You should provide the staff with as much information as possible after all; they will be the face of the brand as they interact with the audience/customers. Important information you should share include the company background as well as product information. This helps the staff be prepared in case they are asked questions from the audience or customers.

Not providing sufficient information regarding the job

When you try to withhold information regarding the event at hand, you hurt the possibility of the event staff to put forth their best foot as they interact with the audience. Tempting as it may be to withhold negative information; it is better to let the staff know what’s on ground so that they are in a better position to comfortably work the event.

Only hiring at face-value

There is no point in having great-looking event staff that are not professional or who have no clue what they are doing! Hiring based on looks can only harm your event. Much as looks are important in running an event, experience, professionalism and personality of the staff should not be ignored.

Not consulting the team

In case you are working with a team, the worst thing you can do is not consult with them before hiring event staff. This is because you may end up hiring staff that will seriously clash with your team thus spoiling your event! In order t run a successful event, both your team and event staff should work hand in hand for the good of the event.

Not bothering with recent resumes

An updated resume should help you decide whether or not the staff you intend to hire will be a good fit for your event. The resume should help you decide if the experience which the staff comes with is a good fit with the planned event.

Forgetting about your Brand image

As you make decisions regarding the event and the staff you intend to hire, don’t forget about incorporating your brand image. This way, you are in a better position to hire staff that will showcase your brand accurately.

Not understanding the event well

What is meant by not understanding the event well is that you may not know the exact number of expected guests. You may not know the audience you will be catering to for example their age, cultural background or gender. When you don’t know what the event is all about, how do you expect to hire the right staff?

Staffing for an event is a major responsibility that should not be taken lightly. You should pay close attention to the event and the staff you intend to hire if you are to enjoy a successful event. The team at Bartendo ensures to only hire the best event staff to make your event enjoyable and memorable. For more information, contact us today.

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